Capturing moments


How could special moments be captured differently in the future?

What if you could capture that last sun set of summer, the roar of a gig at the O2 arena or the excitement of New York City at night.

Your brain is an electrochemical organ influenced by the frequencies of everything it experiences. Light, colour and sound influence your emotions triggering memories and associated feelings.

The proposed future product is a key fob light and sound recorder. When the capture button is held, the light sensor measures and records changing light intensity and colours – the microphone records audio. Back home the user docks the fob onto the light and sound base unit to relive their captured moment.

The USB port allows connection to a computer for additional features such as uploading music to the base, or playing captured moments alongside a computer photo slideshow.

This was a live brief set by Warwick design consultancy DCA.

©Ross Kemp – all designs, images and logos copyright of Ross Kemp